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Since 1989 MeDia Diagnostics Group  has been serving the In Vitro Diagnostics sector.

MeDia Diagnostics Group develops and manufactures in Italy laboratory in vitro diagnostic products for the world market.

The name MeDia Diagnostics stands for quality and service in major CEE and extra CEE countries.
MeDia Diagnostics’s products are marketed by qualified distributors.





We independently develop and manufacture dedicated reagents forautomated clinical chemistry systems  that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical testing. Our in vitro diagnostic systems are found in hospitals and other medical settings around the world. 


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Excellence and confidence in clinical chemistry testing

CE marked and fully IVD compliant

A complete system solution comprised  clinical chemistry analyzers, reagents, accessories and consumables means

• MeDia Diagnostici as a manufacturer is responsible for the correctness of the application

•  Your laboratory is using a CE marked system based on the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive ( IVDMDD) 98/79/EC

•  All application protocols and claims have been fully validated and tested in accordance with the IVDMDD

Overall your laboratory will be   complying   with   IVDMDD      and using a fully    CE marked system solution     guaranteed  and    fully   supported.  

Patient and clinician orientated

MeDia Diagnostics system solutions offer an uncompromised level of performance

•   Patient results are accurate, precise and reliable

•   Clinicians can optimise and standardize diagnosis and care

•   Clinicians can compare inter-laboratory patient results with greater confidence

•   Clinicians are more able to work within treatment regimes recommended by professional bodies ( e.g. IFCC, NGSP, NKDEP)

Overall your laboratory can have confidence in the quality of    results, meaning clinicians receive accurate and reliable information and patients get best possible care.

Compliance and traceability

MeDia Diagnostics methods are compliant with international professional bodies recommendations  such as:

•   IFCC (International Federation for Clinical Chemistry)

•   NGSP/DCCT (National Glycohemoglobin Standardisation Programme/Diabetes Control and Complications Trial)

•   NKDEP (National Kidney Disease Education Programme)

Our methods are also traceable to international reference methods and material.

Overall your laboratory can have full confidence in the accuracy, precision  and standardization of         patient and  EQA  (External Quality Assurance) results.

Convenience, reduced waste and reduce troubleshooting

•   MeDia Diagnostics reagents are ready-to-go

•   No pouring over – save time and errors

•   No additional on-site method adjustment

•   Reagent kits are bar-coded and volumes are optimised to minimise waste

•   Best-in-class methodologies offer maximum reagent stability, with less calibration, QC and repeats

•   Dedicated support from one company with faster resolution of any issues - instrument or reagent

Overall your laboratory will  save time, reduce troubleshooting, reduce waste  and streamline support.

MeDia Diagnostici Group
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Product list

In Vitro Diagnostics product list


Hitachi product list

Dedicated packaging Hitachi 911/912, 917, modular-P


Cell counter product list

Hematology - Cell counter reagents product list

Konelab product list
Dedicated reagents for Konelab 20-30-60
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Latest products

ABX Pentra 60/80 reagents
100% compatible with ABX Cell counters
NIHON KOHDEN 5 part diff
7222, 8118, 8222, QA-810V series reagents.
Hitachi dedicated package
704, 717 and barcoded 911/912, 917, modular/P series reagents
Olympus AUCC dedicated package
Barcoded for all models
ILAB  dedicated package
Barcoded for all models

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