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clinical chemisty copper and gamma-gt in vitro diagnostics vials CLINICAL CHEMISTRY

Our current product range consists of:

Calibrators and Controls                     Clinical chemistry      
Drugs of Abuse  Dedicated reagents
 Diabetes  Lipids
 Specific Proteins   Therapeutic Drugs

With flexible pack sizes on offer and a comprehensive list of analyser applications available you are sure to find what you are looking for.

In addition to this we can also provide dedicated reagents for the Hitachi™, AU™ and Konelab™ range of chemistry analysers providing you with freedom of choice from an independent manufacturer.

As always with MeDia Diagnostics our reagents are of the highest quality and produced to international standards with ISO 9000 and 13485 accreditation.

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MeDia Diagnostics offers an extensive range of diagnostic reagents which are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality; producing accurate and precise results.

Our complete product portfolio covers reagents for a wide range of routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, coagulation, diabetes and veterinary parameters.

A wide range of formats and methods are available providing greater flexibility and choice. In addition to flexible pack sizes and a comprehensive list of analyser applications we can also provide dedicated reagent packs for many routinely used

chemistry analysers providing you with freedom of choice from an independent manufacturer.

Benefits of MeDia Diagnostics reagents

MeDia Diagnostici offers the largest range of chemistries

Reducing the need to source products from multiple suppliers

Ensures confidence in reagents as all raw materials are sourced by a manufacturer with a quality centric approach Liquid ready-to-use reagents available

Ensuring ease of use within the laboratory, increasing productivity and enabling faster turnaround times. Automated applications for a wide range of clinical analysers

Fully validated applications ensures confidence in testing

Increased flexibility and choice from an independent  manufacturer

Easy Fit bottles from MeDia Diagnostici for use with multiple machines ensure that there is no need for additional steps. Excellent correlation to reference methods

Proof of quality and commitment to providing the best reagents in the market

Wide measuring ranges

Ensures all results can be covered by one single reagent

Reduces the costs of purchasing different reagents with different measuring ranges

To complement our comprehensive range of diagnostic reagents we can also provide a wide range of quality controls designed to monitor the accuracy and precision of your diagnostic testing. 

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Product list

In Vitro Diagnostics product list


Hitachi product list

Dedicated packaging Hitachi 911/912, 917, modular-P


Cell counter product list

Hematology - Cell counter reagents product list

Konelab product list
Dedicated reagents for Konelab 20-30-60
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Latest products

ABX Pentra 60/80 reagents
100% compatible with ABX Cell counters
NIHON KOHDEN 5 part diff
7222, 8118, 8222, QA-810V series reagents.
Hitachi dedicated package
704, 717 and barcoded 911/912, 917, modular/P series reagents
Olympus AUCC dedicated package
Barcoded for all models
ILAB  dedicated package
Barcoded for all models

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