Dedicated reagents

media diagnostic, laboratory, analyse DEDICATED REAGENTS

Optimised for use on:

ü Beckman Coulter (Olympus) AU400, AU480, AU600, AU640,                 AU2700, AU5400

ü   HitachiTM 704, 705, 717, 737, 747, 911 and 917 

ü   Konelab 20,T30,T60

ü ILAB 300, 600, 900

MeDia Diagnosticsi supplies a wide range of high specification reagents optimised for use on an extensive range of clinical chemistry analysers. All reagents are  presented in 20ml or 70ml bottles that fit directly onto the analyser without the need to pour reagents into dedicated bottles.


The majority of reagents are available in liquid stable formats. The use of liquid ready-to-use reagents not only increases laboratory efficiency and productivity by reducing human handling, but also eliminates the potential of pipetting/reconstitution errors, contamination and bottle to bottle variation.

Comprehensive test menu

At MeDia Diagnostics we have one of the most extensive test menus available, with 130 different assays and many more in development. In addition to routine tests our highly flexible test menu includes a wide range of unique and specialised tests.

Superior performance

Our range of high quality reagents use superior methodology to that of our competitors resulting in increased accuracy and reliability. For example the MeDia Diagnostics direct clearance method for the measurement of both HDL and LDL cholesterol, unlike most other methods, is not affected by elevated levels of triglycerides or bilirubin, therefore ensuring accurate results even with abnormal samples.

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Product list

In Vitro Diagnostics product list


Hitachi product list

Dedicated packaging Hitachi 911/912, 917, modular-P


Cell counter product list

Hematology - Cell counter reagents product list

Konelab product list
Dedicated reagents for Konelab 20-30-60
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Latest products

ABX Pentra 60/80 reagents
100% compatible with ABX Cell counters
NIHON KOHDEN 5 part diff
7222, 8118, 8222, QA-810V series reagents.
Hitachi dedicated package
704, 717 and barcoded 911/912, 917, modular/P series reagents
Olympus AUCC dedicated package
Barcoded for all models
ILAB  dedicated package
Barcoded for all models

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