Laboratory operator working on serum proteins determination by electrophoresis method Serum proteins determination by electophoresis method

The electrophoresis is a separation method based on the different migration velocity of particles electrically charged through a solution , under the influence of an electric field . Serum Proteins, subjected to electrophoresis on cellulose acetate , are divided into five funfamemntal fractions : albumin, α1 - globulins , α2 - globulins , β - globulins , γ - globulins .

With MeDia Diagnostics electrophoresis pack, the proteins are separated depending on the electric charge at pH 9.2 on cellulose acetate with the use of both the electrophoretic force that of the osmotic present in the system

Albumin, the smallest of the protein molecules and high negative charge, is the band that migrates more anodically.

The γ-globulins were affected by a lot of the charges electro endosmotic, and

are the band that migrates more cathodically near the point of application.

After the proteins were separated, the strip of cellulose acetate is placed in a dye solution specifies that colors the protein bands in red showing an absorption peak at 520 nm.

All electrophoretic phases are carried out automatically by the instrument for which the kits are offered, or with the manual method.



Reagents for manual method

■ Buffer, concentrated or ready to use

■ Red Ponceau, staining solution

■ Destaining solution, concentratyed or ready to use

■ Cellulose acetate strips


Reagents for automation

■ Serum proteins pack for Interlab GENIO  – 384 test

■ Serum proteins pack for Interlab 648 PC  – 400 test

■ Serum proteins pack for Interlab 648 ISO – 384 test

■ Serum proteins pack for Interlab EXPRIME,ADALAYA,GIANT                200 test

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